Losing stubborn belly fat the right way


Staying healthy, and keeping an attractive figure can be a real challenge, especially when confronted with everything life has to offer.  From tasty foods to a sedentary lifestyle brought on by a motionless work environment and home life, putting on the pounds has never been easier.


As a result, a number of Americans struggle with shedding the weight off and being healthy.  For men and women, excess body fat accumulates around the waist and thighs first.  Getting rid of this bulge has turned into its own popular market, as those asking the question “how to lose stubborn belly fat” turn to find solutions.  The problem is that the market is filled with products that “target” your belly, saying that they will remove fat from your belly and give you the appearance you deserve.

Why this doesn’t work

Targeted weight loss is a crock.  It is that simple.  You cannot do an exercise with the intent of burning off calories in that one area alone.  It is not how our bodies burn calories.  Instead, doing one kind of exercise over and over again will build muscle.  Without removing the above fat, this muscle will only add more bulk, making you appear fat.

As a result, most products that advertise toning one particular area are talking about muscle formation, and not fat loss.  While gaining muscle is important, there are numerous ways to do it.  Lets take a look at what you can do to really lose that belly fat

How to lose stubborn belly fat the right way

When you exercise, your body burns fat as a source of energy to keep you going.  What fat your body burns is essentially random, as there is no precise way to figure out where are body will draw energy from.  Lucky for us, the very mechanism that puts loads of fat around our belly is also responsible for burning that fat first.  As a result, figuring out an exercise routine will burn the fat you have on you, usually starting at where you have the most amount of fat, aka your belly.

Other options for how to lose stubborn belly fat

The only other way to specifically target a region for fat removal is through surgery and liposuction.  Though this is a quick way to remove weight, it is frowned on in the medical community for a very good reason.  Removing fat doesn’t mean that it will not come back.  When your body burns fat, it is doing so in such a way that you become trimmer and healthier as a result.  In contrast, surgery just removes one area, leading to a possibly unnatural shape.

Putting it all together

The truth is that there is no quick solution how to lose stubborn belly fat.  However, that doesn’t mean that there is no way to do it.  With determination and a good exercise routine, you can reduce that belly fat in a number of months, and be in the best shape and health in your life.  Until then, good luck!

The Factors for Being Successful


Starting your own business is a big step, especially if you are leaving a comfortable job to do so.  Whether it is a brick and mortar business or an online company, there are challenges you will have to overcome in order to know become a successful start-up.  In order to succeed, you have to properly prepared, otherwise your business will join the many others than have failed because their business owners did not thorough prepare themselves and their business.

There are many factors to consider and problems that business owners will encounter.  Proper preparation include anticipating those problems and having possible solutions already planned.  In order to learn how to become a successful start-up, you must have a good foundation for your company.  A successful business must have:

  1. A Good Idea – The idea for your business has to be good and you must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.  You need to know exactly how you are going to win over clients, whether it is having a better product, offering a specialized service or having a more unique distribution method.
  2. Experience in the Business – Having experience in the type of business you are starting usually lends itself to being successful.  Statistics prove that being experienced in the field you are going into leads to above average success rates.
  3. Ambition and Drive – You have to be committed to your business in order to make it succeed.  That may mean going without time off or working 60 plus hours a week.  You must believe in what you are doing and be confident that you will succeed.  Having a good support network among family and friends is important as well.  If you are confident in your ideas, you will be more apt to assert yourself.
  4. A Good Business Plan – Business plans are the outlines for the formation of a business.  It describes the business and how you plan to operate your company.  It helps you get funding to start your business and it needs to be flexible in case it needs to be modified so you can spot problems before they arise and react appropriately to solve the problems quickly.
  5. Financial Concerns – While you don’t have to be monetarily flush to start a business, you should be prepared to support the business until it able to support itself.  Don’t underestimate your financial needs.  Knowledge of business management will help keep your finances under control and when your company starts turning a profit, reinvest the money back into your company.
  6. A Clear Marketing Plan – Don’t go into business for yourself and quit your job until you have a clear, concise idea of how you are going to market your idea or your product.
  7. Good Advice – Having support from experienced business managers, whether they are lawyers, accountants or mentors, will help you succeed.  You can get advice when you need it and they can teach you the tricks they’ve learned from their experience.
  8. Identifiable Structure – It is important that both your employees and clients know who is in charge.  A clear structure is motivating for employees because know what is expected of them and what they are supposed to do.  Also, your clients will know who they can go to when they have problems.

If you know how to become a successful start-up, then you will have an easier time helping finding success in your chosen business and you won’t be one of the many new business owners who flounder when faced with problems that can, and will, arise.